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3 Best spots for Ceviche in Miami (peruvian seafood)

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’’¡En el mar, la vida es más sabrosa!’’ is a super popular saying in Latin America, and its translation is ’’life is yummier at the beach’’. When people hear it, most folks daydream about kicking back on a chill day by the shore, with that ocean breeze and warm sand. But, you know, for Peruvians, things are a bit different. They’ve got one thing on their minds – something seriously tasty: ceviche. The flavor of this homegrown culinary treasure, made from fresh fish soaked in tiger’s milk and zesty spices, is so heavenly that it’s got Peruvians believing paradise resides in the sea. You’ll totally become a believer too if you make a pit stop at the best spots for ceviche in Miami. 

Once you try this mouthwatering seafood dish, you’ll realize life’s way yummier by the sea, especially the Peruvian shores. 

Ready to catch a wave of flavor?

3 Best Hotspots for Ceviche in Miami To Dive into a Wave of Flavor

1.C.viche 105 

Get ready to ride a wave of flavor at the ultimate ceviche paradise: C.VICHE 105! This Peruvian gem, brought to life by the culinary genius of Chef Juan Chipocolo, serves up a ceviche experience that’s not just mind-blowingly sublime in taste, but also in texture and presentation. No wonder it wears the crown as the best ceviche in Miami.

And speaking of their menu – it’s like diving into an ocean of options, seriously! Imagine the thrill as you explore their extensive lineup of playful seafood dishes, ranging from appetizers to main courses and shareable delights.

Your taste buds are in for a beachside retreat with their celebrated Caleta de Pucusana – a true marine delight. Picture indulging in a tantalizing blend of white fish, shrimp, scallops, and that irresistible kick from the leche de tigre. It’s like your taste buds are sunbathing by the waves when that leche de tigre goodness hits just right.

And brace yourself for the flavor wave that keeps on rolling with their extraordinary Orgía Marina – an appetizer that crashes over you with a wild surge of taste, sending your senses into a frenzy. You’ll be riding the waves of a seafood fusion dance, gracefully accompanied by leche de tigre and a smoky twist of yellow pepper.

2.Dr. Limón 

Looking for the best ceviche in Miami? Look no further than Dr. Limón – the place where Peruvian ceviche becomes a revitalizing soul prescription for your taste buds! With just a spoonful of that ocean goodness, a kick of spicy tiger’s milk, and an explosion of flavors, you’ll feel better in every way. Dr. Limón, brought to life by the talented Chef Carlos Brescia, is all about giving your taste buds a real treat.

And here’s the fun part: take a peek at the menu and you’ll notice that each dish has a playful medical twist in its name. It’s like flavor therapy! 

You’ll feel as fresh as a daisy, seriously reborn, after savoring their Anestésico (Anesthetic) ceviche – it’s got this creamy Pisco acholado sauce that’s like a cozy hug for your taste buds. Oh, and don’t miss their Fiebre Alta (High Fever) ceviche, bringing in the heat with that spicy rocoto cream that’s just the right kind of hot.

These unique blends, named after medical terms, prove that Chef Carlos is a true flavor magician. And to top it off, each dish is a revitalizing experience, leaving you as refreshed as a morning beach stroll. 🏖🍽🌊 So go on and indulge – your taste buds will thank you for discovering the best ceviche in Miami!


Step into the vibrant, packed-flavor world of Itamae, hailed as the home of the best cebiche in Miami. This is the spot where the tantalizing marriage of Peruvian zest and Japanese finesse creates an unparalleled dining haven. Five-star ratings? Those seem so last season once you’ve had a taste of Itamae’s cebiche – a dish that defies conventional rankings and demands a category of its own.

Prepare to embark on a tantalizing journey for your taste buds. The intertwining of Peruvian flavors and Japanese artistry is nothing short of a captivating performance, an experience that transcends mere eating. It’s a celebration of seafood in its purest form, where innovation meets tradition in every masterfully prepared dish.

Now, let’s delve into their showstopper – the cebiche mixto. Imagine a symphony of textures and flavors, meticulously orchestrated with black grouper, tender conch, supple squid, velvety octopus, creamy avocado, and the fiery kick of ají rocoto, a red hot pepper paste that ignites your senses. The result? A dynamic fusion that dances between temperatures and tastes, a culinary masterpiece where every bite tells a story of complexity and harmony.

If you’re seeking an extraordinary culinary escapade in Miami, Itamae is your destination. Brace yourself to recalibrate your understanding of ceviche and seafood as you immerse yourself in a realm where innovation and tradition meld seamlessly, crafting an epicurean narrative that’s nothing short of remarkable.

The Peruvian love triangle? It’s all about ceviche and the mouthwatering Chifa eats!

Peruvians shower endless love on ceviche, but guess what? They’re also head over heels for flavor-packed dishes like Chicken Arroz Chaufa and Pollo Tipakay. At Chifa Du Kang, you’ll dive into the real Peruvian chifa experience right here in Miami. So leave “ceviche” on read and let yourself fall for the incredibly delicious Chinese-Peruvian fusion grub.

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