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From Buenos Aires to Bird Road: 5 Best argentinian restaurants

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Did you know that Messi’s homeland is also a legend when it comes to gastronomy? If you’re looking for a culinary experience that will make you feel like a champion, you should keep your eyes on the best argentinian restaurants near Bird Road. 

Are you ready to savor the juiciest and most tender cuts of meat, seasoned with mastery? Do you dare to try the empanadas filled with vibrant flavors that will make you travel to the streets of Buenos Aires? And, of course, how can you resist pairing your meal with a world-renowned Argentine wine? 

Each restaurant on the list below invites you to be part of an exciting culinary match, where Argentina is the champion team and victory is celebrated on your palate. Let’s go!

5 Best Argentinian restaurants near Bird Road

1.Fierro Argentine Grill

If you’re looking for an argentinian restaurant on Bird Road, we’re sure you’ll be thankful that you pulled your car over to try the carnivorous menu at Fierro Argentine Grill. 

It’s a traditional argentinian steakhouse and its dishes, prepared with fresh, unpretentious meat, promise to emulate the feeling of enjoying an authentic Argentinian asado with family and friends. 

The appetizers, such as the Chorizo Argentino and the stuffed empanadas are the perfect warm-up that prepares the stomach to assimilate the forcefulness of the main courses. La Parrilla Criolla is a true festival of meat on a single plate, invoking the true Gaucho spirit in every bite. 

The freshness of its Arugula salad balances the intensity of the carnivorous feast, giving you a break between meats. The Russian Salad or Potatoes a la Provencal are the perfect side dish to accompany and enjoy with the family. At the end of the meal, try their sweet alfajores and you will have had the authentic Argentinian asado experience. 

2.Baires Grill 

In 1999, when Baires Grill dreamed of bringing the argentinian gastronomic experience to Miami, they never imagined how ambitious their result would be. Its menu, exquisitely spread among vibrant entrees, grills cooked to perfection, seductive Argentine wines and other gems of Argentina’s gastronomy, is bringing palates back to life. 

The appetizers are a real temptation for the palate, whetting the appetite immediately, and how can you resist the irresistible spinach fritters with cheese? Their crunchy texture invites you to forget the world for a moment, while their creamy interior is a love letter to your taste buds.

With your appetite already stimulated, it is necessary to continue pampering your stomach, Argentina’s style. There is no better way to do it than tasting a Neapolitan Milanesa. The juiciness of its meat in symphony with its crispy breading and melted cheese is heavenly. If you come with company and need something more substantial, their ‘Parrillada para Dos’, with its varied cuts of meat, will leave an indelible taste in your palate.

Enhance the already vibrant flavors of their dishes by pairing them with some of the concoctions from their wide selection of Argentine wines. Each sip will lead you to experience flavor in unknown ways, captivating you with its body and aroma. No matter what you eat at Baires, an Argentinian restaurant near Bird Road, it is a fact that your palate will never be the same.

3.Graziano’s in the Gables

The fact that Graziano’s in the Gables is a restaurant founded by an argentinian family that loves food and good company should be reason enough to stop cooking at home and book a table. 

However, if that’s not enough for you, here are several reasons that might change your mind. First, the meat is taken very seriously here. It comes from The Logros Family Ranch in Rio Segundo, Cordoba, Argentina, where it is lovingly raised and exclusively grass-fed. The end result is tender, flavorful and naturally marbled meat.

Although meat is the main star, your argentinian gastronomic journey doesn’t end there. You will also find a section of pastas and risottos that will transport you to the more Italian side of Argentine cuisine, captivating you with their exciting combination of flavors and spices that enhance each other.

If vegetables are a must for your dinner, visit the “Del Huerto” section of the menu. There you’ll find fresh, creatively tossed salads that come alive when dressed with their homemade bacon vinaigrette.

And if you’re as picky about your wine as you are about your meat, you’ll feel right at home at Graziano’s In The Gables. The restaurant has the widest selection of wines in South Florida, with more than 2,000 different choices from small family-owned wineries in Argentina, Italy, France and Spain.

At this argentinian restaurant near Bird Road you’ll experience the same hospitality that greets you at an argentinian table on a family barbecue Saturday.

4.La Patagonia Argentina

La Patagonia Argentina’s menu has diners returning 10 years after their first visit. Each dish seduces and enchants more than the last, challenging the most monogamous palates with fresh ingredients, bold flavors and succulent textures.   

Love at first bite begins with their blood sausage, which will make you fall in love with its smoky flavor enhanced by spicy notes that will stimulate your taste buds. This is one lover you shouldn’t formalize things with because the menu is too seductive to be loyal. 

Their Skirt Steak with fries is a juicy temptation, seducing you with its tender cuts of meat that, with each bite, release an intense smoky flavor with sweet notes that make you fall into an ever-deepening spiral of love. The french fries, a classic accompaniment to this argentinian dish, contrast with a crispy texture and salty flavor that perfectly complements the flavor of the meat. 

And just when you thought you had found your true argentinian gastronomic love, La Patagonia Argentina’s Chicken breast stuffed with cheese and spinach awakens a new sensation in you. With a juicy texture that is elevated by the earthy flavor of the spinach and the creaminess of the cheese, your taste buds fall in love all over again.

5.La Vida Misma Restaurant & Bar

Can you imagine entering a multiverse of argentinian milanesas? It is the signature dish of La Vida Misma Restaurant & Bar and their love for them is such that they serve 18 different types of homemade milanesas, each with a distinctive personality that even has its own name.

 You can find them in chicken, beef or fish presentations, all made with fresh ingredients and served with creativity. With the inspiration and love of their chefs as the main ingredients, each milanesa is prepared as a universe of its own, standing out from the others because of the varied sauces, toppings and colors that give them a unique gastronomic personality.

Although the milanesa is the essence of this argentinian restaurant near Bird Road, so are its cuts of meat. Their Flap Steak (vacío) is a juicy cut with a deep and intense flavor that leaves its mark. With each bite, an intense meaty flavor is released, with smoky notes and a subtle grilled aroma. The large amount of marbling endows the steak with tenderness, allowing you to chew it without problems.

If you are a meat lover, you may want to spend more time in the grilled meats section of their menu. However, living the argentinian gastronomic experience means being open-minded and going for more. In their tapas, starters, empanadas, salads and risottos you will find delicious and innovative ways to enjoy Argentina’s cuisine. Remember to make room in your stomach to enjoy them all!

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