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Meaty Goodness in Every Bite: 6 Best Beef Fried Rice Near Me in Miami

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Do you consider yourself a true carnivore? The meat-eating diet has gained many followers in recent years because of the health benefits it brings. Hey, and it’s not that we have anything against the vegan crowd, but one objective fact is that a good piece of meat at the right time can bring a lot of happiness. But there’s also another truth: if you like meat, a nice steak is not the only way to have it. There are many other delicious, healthy recipes that can satisfy you. Chinese food is an expert at that. That’s why today we’ll share with you a short list of beef fried rice near me.

If you are in Miami, love beef and Chinese rice, save this post in your favourites! Let’s get to it.

But first a warning: if you keep reading this post, you will feel an irrepressible urge to run out and eat fried rice with meat. Continue at your own risk. For the record, we warn you!

Our Top 6: Best Beef Fried Rice Restaurants Near me in Miami

So let’s get down to business. Our “Beef Fried Rice near me in Miami” list includes our six favourite restaurants, where we will always prefer this dish from their entire menu. Take a look and think carefully about where to start your carnivorous journey.

1.- Chong’s Chinese

On Flagler Street in Little Havana you get Chong’s Chinese restaurant. It’s a modest place to eat traditional Chinese dishes, loaded in quality and quantity that you can add to your list of favourite places to enjoy a good steak fried rice near me in Miami.

In addition to its authentic Chinese food, Chong’s stands out for its affordable prices and the combination of dishes on its menu. So, don’t hesitate to visit this place, you’ll be more than happy. And if you are Latin, even more, because they have dishes from those countries that you can add to your order.

2.- Chifa Du Kang

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You may not know that in Peru we have our own gastronomic genre that mixes native flavours with Chinese food. In addition to that, we also have our own fried rice: chaufa rice.

That’s what we do at Chifa Du Kang. We have been specialists in chifa food for generations and if there is one dish we are proud of, it is our chaufa rice with meat.

In fact, our menu has six types of fried rice (beef, chicken, shrimp, special, vegetables and pork). And if you want to bring out the tyrannosaurus rex in you and go all out with the meat, try our lomo saltado. You’ll leave our restaurant with a big smile on your face!

We are located at Kendall Drive and Bird Road to provide you with the best Chinese-Peruvian fusion food service.

3.- Tropical Chinese

If you want traditional Hong Kong style Chinese food, you have to visit this restaurant located in South Miami. With more than 38 years of service, Chino Tropical stands out for the taste of its fresh food and the excellent service it provides in this city. Here they work on the premise of serving a quality dish in generous portions to ensure that their visitors don’t go home hungry, let alone disappointed with their selected dishes.

Everything Chino Tropical serves is delicious, from dim sum to Peking duck, prawns and a variety of rice, so you’ll leave this place happy every time you visit. When the craving is for beef fried rice near me, you’ll know that Chino Tropical is one of the best options at 7991 Bird Road.

4.- Yum Yum

At 3104 Coral Way, we recommend a stop at Yum Yum Chinese Restaurant if you have time to sit at one of their tables and enjoy some steak fried rice near me. If you’re in a hurry or want to enjoy your Chinese meal in the comfort of your own home, you can order take-out or request home delivery if your location is within 4 miles of the restaurant.

5.- Takee Outee

A restaurant located on the southwest side of Miami Plaza, serving a variety of traditional Chinese dishes combined for lunch or dinner. They offer table service, take-away and home delivery.

At Takee Outee, a huge panda bear welcomes you as a sign of respect, friendliness and harmony. Their fried rice with meat is spectacular.

6.- Novikow

Try not to go here alone. Novikow is one of those restaurants worth visiting in Miami. They handle a Chinese-Japanese concept in a luxurious atmosphere to surprise your guests on a special occasion.

From the moment you enter the place, its decoration, friendly service and the possibility to participate in the selection of fresh ingredients for your dish will captivate you.

The prices are reasonable for the service they provide, so take your precautions and book in advance if you want to surprise and let yourself be seduced by all the proposals that Novikow brings to share in Miami.

Want to try Miami’s most special Chinese fusion food? Then Chifa Du Kang is what you’re looking for

Chifa food from Chifa Du Kang / best chinese food dishes / Chinese chicken fried rice from Chifa Du Kang

We love that you like fried rice with meat because at Chifa Du Kang we prepare it with a unique seasoning that blends the best of two ancestral gastronomies: Chinese and Peruvian.

And not only that. If you love fried rice, we also have it in five other delicious presentations! And if you are a meat lover, we have dishes that will make your mouth water, such as lomo saltado, noodles with meat or meat with tausi.

In short, Chifa Du Kang is the place you are looking for to satisfy both cravings. We have table service in the best informal atmosphere in Miami and also delivery and take out. We are located on Bird Road and Kendall Drive.

Click here, check out the menu and get ready, we are ready for you today!

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