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Venezuelan Chinese food: dim sum

From Arepas to Dim Sum: Best Venezuelan Chinese Food Spots Near Miami

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It is clear that in Latin America Chinese food is not so Chinese anymore. The almost two decades that have passed since the first Asian migrants arrived in this part of the world have allowed the delicious dishes from the Far East to blend with the flavors of this side of the world. All regions have added their own (Andes, Caribbean, Pacific, Atlantic, Amazon…) and in all cases, the result is exceptional. Today we want to tell you about one of them: Venezuelan Chinese food.

Venezuelan Chinese cuisine is distinguished from that of other countries by an ingredient that is a gastronomic hallmark of that country: sweet chili. Did you know that? In this post we want to tell you a little about it and also recommend you the best places to eat it. Let’s go for it.

Venezuela Chinese food: what you need to know

Chinese-Venezuelan cuisine is a fusion that has evolved over decades. The Chinese influence on Venezuelan food dates back to the arrival of Chinese immigrants in Venezuela in the early 20th century.

One of the most popular dishes in Chinese-Venezuelan cuisine is fried rice, which is prepared with rice, vegetables, meat, shrimps, chicken and eggs. It’s also common to find dishes such as chop suey, sweet and sour chicken, fried noodles and “lumpias” (spring rolls).

Pork, duck, and ribs are also essential to Chinese-Venezuelan cuisine, which is also frequently prepared in households throughout the country.

In addition, Venezuelan Chinese food is known for its use of sauces and seasonings such as sweet chili, soy sauce, garlic, and ginger. Some Venezuelan-Chinese restaurants even offer dishes with influences from other Asian cuisines, such as Japanese and Thai.

Our selection: 5 Best Venezuelan Chinese Food restaurants near Miami

Nowadays, as Miami has been filled with Venezuelan restaurants, we have also seen the emergence of restaurants with Chinese-Venezuelan cuisine. It’s fortunate because it’s a delicious fusion. So, let’s see which ones are our favorites.

1.- Locos X Grill

This restaurant combines the best of two worlds: traditional Chinese-Venezuelan rice with meat, pork, and chicken cooked with their special grilling technique. There is no mistake in that gourgeous blend!

The restaurant is located in Doral, and its kitchen is run by Chef Waxin Fong, who was born in Venezuela to Chinese parents and is well-versed in both cultures and their synthesis.

The menu at Locos x el Gril offers all kinds of Chinese-Venezuelan food and grilled specialties with beef, chicken, and pork. Don’t skip this place on your culinary tour!

2.- Qianlong

Chef Yony Moy, born in Venezuela to Chinese parents, is the owner of this Chinese-Venezuelan restaurant located in Doral. His family tradition is linked to this type of food, so he takes excellence in his dishes very seriously. The house specialty is Peking duck.

This place is widely known among Venezuelan celebrities, as you can see from the walls of the restaurant and the photographs proudly displayed of personalities from the Caribbean country.

3.- Em’s Restaurant

This is a small restaurant that only serves takeout and pickup food. It’s located on 27th Avenue in Miami. Google gives it 4.5 stars, and its reviews are excellent. Diners highlight that the Chinese food in this place tastes the same as it does in Caracas.

4.- Yu-Yun Express

This is a Chinese-Venezuelan food restaurant that only operates with delivery service. They deliver your food anywhere in Miami, and believe us when we say that the taste is really that of the Chinese food served in Venezuela.

Their menu includes individual dishes as well as combos for the whole family or larger groups. Their menu includes typical dishes of this fusion cuisine such as lumpias and grilled ribs.

5.- King Palace Chinese Bar-B-Q

The Wu family left Guangzhou, China, in 1982 for Venezuela and opened a Chinese restaurant serving traditional dishes alongside orange chicken and Mongolian beef. In 1999, they opened a Chinese barbecue restaurant in Miami, offering the same fusion approach. The restaurant features glass walls showcasing whole roast duck and live seafood in tanks. The menu offers a range of colorful dishes, including salt-and-pepper squid, sliced conch with yellow chives, pig intestines with preserved vegetables, and fried frog legs with shredded pork. Is located in North Miami.

Fan of Chinese-Latin fusion? Meet chifa cuisine

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Chinese-Venezuelan food is delicious, and these three places are widely recommended by us. And keep in mind that we are an authorized voice, as we specialize in chifa cuisine, that is, Chinese-Peruvian fusion cuisine.

Peru is a top culinary destination. You’ve probably heard of our ceviche or our ají de gallina. Yes, they are world-famous dishes that make us proud. But one side of our culinary culture that you may not know is our chifa food.

In Peru, we have our own version of fried rice, noodles, and all the traditional Chinese dishes. We mix them with native ingredients such as ají panca and pisco, and the result is explosive.

Are you in Miami and want to try chifa cuisine? Come to Chifa Du Kang!

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At Chifa Du Kang, we have the most authentic Chinese-Peruvian food in Miami. Come to one of our two restaurants and try our arroz chaufa (we have it in seven presentations), our lomo saltado, our pollo chijaukay, and many more delicious dishes.

If you’re an explorer of fusion cuisine, this is a must-stop. We’re located on Kendall Drive and Bird Road. Be sure that after you come once, you’ll want to come back.

We offer table service in a casual atmosphere, as well as delivery and takeout.

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