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5 Visit-Worthy Restaurants Near Kendall Drive

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Do you live in or near Miami and are looking for restaurants near Kendall Drive? Yes, we know that our city is full of exceptional gastronomic spots, but precisely because of that wide diversity, sometimes it is difficult to choose a place to have lunch or dinner, isn’t it? That’s why in this article we want to share with you our list of favorites in this area of South Florida.

Spoiler alert: this list will whet your appetite and you will want to start checking them out today, they are all places with delicious food!

List of restaurants near Kendall Drive:

The restaurants near Kendall Drive that we recommend are less than 20 minutes away if you are in the area. As you will see, it is not much time to invest, just schedule your departure in advance to prevent your appetite from starting to do its thing and traffic from playing a bad trick on you.

1.- The Crown Pasta & Risotto

It will take you between 4 and 8 minutes to get from Kendall to Coral Gables. There you will find The Crown Pasta & Risotto restaurant, a place where they serve home-style Mediterranean food, whose dishes vary according to the season, since they are made with ingredients provided by the local farms. Here you can enjoy grilled wild mushrooms, gnocchi with meat ragu, risottos and different sea and land dishes.

2.- Pummarola

It is a pizzeria located in Coral Gables that we suggest you add to the list of restaurants near Kendall Drive. Here they serve the best pizzas in Miami, which you can enjoy on those family outing days when you crave something truly delicious, so you don’t have to wait long for it to be brought to your table.

3.- Chifa Du Kang

Chifa food from Chifa Du Kang / best chinese food dishes / Chinese chicken fried rice from Chifa Du Kang

If you’re craving the Chinese-Peruvian fusion food we serve at Chifa Du Kang, don’t worry. We have a location on Kendall Dr. (11768 SW 88th ST) where we offer our customers the best chifa dishes they can taste in Miami. Our menu features iconic dishes such as lomo saltado, chijaukay chicken, kamlu wantan, and the crown jewel, chaufa rice.

We love to serve the public of Kendall Dr., both the Peruvian community that resides in this area as well as people from other nationalities and tourists. Rest assured that if you haven’t tried our chifa food, you will be impressed on your first visit to Chifa Du Kang.

4. -Mexican Restaurant Guadalajara

If you are craving Mexican food, this restaurant serves very good dishes and is located in Pinecrest. The drive from Kendall to Pinecrest will take you between 8 and 11 minutes. Once you arrive you will realize that it is worth sitting down to enjoy some well-deserved tacos, burritos, tamales and the wide variety of seafood dishes, different cuts of beef and chicken.

5.- Hideko Sushi & Thai

In this restaurant you can enjoy excellent presentations of sushi and Thai food. The drive time from Kendall to Palmetto Bay is approximately 7 to 13 minutes. Their pad thai will keep you coming back, and no wonder! That mixture of stir-fried meat with fried rice noodles, scallion, egg, bean sprouts and peanuts, coated in a special sauce will delight your palate from the first bite.

The best restaurants near Kendall Drive

There are many restaurants near Kendall Drive that offer you an unparalleled experience, and many of them have the ability to transport you to different corners of the planet just by tasting the different dishes they bring to our table.

You don’t need to take a long trip. Near Kendall Drive there are many restaurants that you can visit to get to know a little about the different gastronomic cultures, about those flavors that differentiate us, as a way to mark distance between one cuisine and another, but also that bring us closer to strengthen ties and demonstrate that the kitchen allows us to explore one of the best creative arts.

Thus, we can enjoy Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Nikkei, Latin, American, fusion, among many others, with their well marked characteristics, which make them the favorites of many people.

From the tour you undertake through the restaurants near Kendall Drive, you can consider putting together your personal list of the places that for you deserve to be recognized as the best.

About Chifa Du Kang restaurant near Kendall Drive

Chifa Du Kang mix

We are a restaurant that brings the authentic flavors of Chifa food to Miami, so you can walk through the different cooking techniques, as well as its sweet and savory flavors mixed with Peruvian aji amarillo in a variety of dishes that, if you know them, you will be able to identify quickly. Savoring Chinese and Peruvian fusion is an unforgettable experience.

We are a family restaurant, whose dream began in Peru and expanded to the United States, as an opportunity to grow the business and, in turn, share outside of Peru those creations that Peruvians love so much.

The first Chifa Du Kang to open was on Bird Road. It is a small and cozy space that served as inspiration to open shortly after the Kendall Dr. branch, a little more spacious and just as warm as the first one.

Visit our website and social networks to find our coordinates, we are here to serve you the best chifa you’ve ever tasted in Miami!

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