Finka Table & Tap: A closeup of roasted meat with sauce, vegetables and fries in a plate on the table.

Finka Table & Tap: Cuban food & Asian Fusion Best Dishes

Do you have an adventurous palate? If you want to explore Cuban food with an Asian and Peruvian twist, Finka Table & Tap brings to Miami a proposal that will surprise you with its original combinations of flavours. At this restaurant, if you think you know the dishes, wait until

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Chug's Diner Miami: Brunch

Chug’s Diner Miami: Merging Cuban & American Food

Diners are establishments that became famous in the United States for offering snacks and light, flavourful meals at any time of the day. Chug’s Diner Miami is following in that tradition by serving a Cuban-American menu in the heart of Coconut Grove. Join us to discover the fusion of flavours

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