What is Chifa?

“Chifa” is a term used in Peru to refer to Chinese food adapted to our taste by Chinese immigrants. The dishes served are mainly from the city of Canton. This type of cuisine is extremly popular in Lima.

The term “Chifa” was born in 1930 from the combination of the cantonece words chi and fan, which translated mean “eating rice”. Chifa has revolutionized Peruvian cuisine and has gain its own personality through the years.

Chifa is unique in the world, not only because it’s authentic but for the greatness of its flavors, colors, aromas, textures and the combination of Peruvian and Chinese ingredients, becoming a festival within our palates.

Chinese immigrants understood the richness of our cuisine and learned to cook Peruvian dishes with an Asian touch. After constant experiments and the cooking secrets of their ancestors, Chinese cooks introduced techniques called “wok culture.”

Some Peruvian signature dishes, like “lomo saltado” were created in the wok culture that Chinese immigrants introduced.